Saturday, March 19, 2011

BUILDING - architectural monochromatic photography by Lidija Ivanek (SiLa)


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It is hard to explain what those buildings (which I lately post) represent to me. I found in them cold beauty. Certain admiration and respect, but also disgust and rejection.
I grew up in Zagreb. In one part of town that is called New Zagreb. New regarding to the post war (WW2) period when communist government was frenetically building new buildings for the growing of working class. These buildings were deprived all the unnecessary details and are full of concrete. Strong, sharp lines, often like concrete cubes. Power. Communist government used every opportunity to show power.
Beauty and the beast. Because of nationalization of their land, many farmers, village people, were forced to move to the city in that period.
Dehumanization. Gradually, people lost touch with their neighbors.
But, I grow up there.
It was my town.
My childhood.

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