Tuesday, September 6, 2011

THE RIGHT WAY - Croatian Fine Art Photographer Lidija Ivanek (SiLa)

I want to talk about errors, mistakes we make while shooting. Looking at all those photos on the internet one would think that all photographers are perfect. I am not, definitely. For example, yesterday I made millions of mistakes, all in the excitement and speed. The sky was perfect, the clouds before the storm, wonderful!, the light refracted in the colors of the rainbow. In order to shoot as much as I can, to find the perfect location and somehow separate the sky from the mass of houses that surrounded me, I didn't use a tripod, I even didn't use an ND filter, but the one that I have attached on the lens, a circular polarizer. Yes, I shot some good photos, but how much more great ones I had ruined!
Will I ever learn?... more on my blog SiLa Photo

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