Monday, December 12, 2011

WILLOW TREE - Croatian Photographer Lidija Ivanek (SiLa)


Franka Solida III, Ilford FP4 black&white, 125/120
Hahnemuhle Digital Fine Art Paper print. Originals for sale. Moneybookers & PayPal accepted. Contact through e-mail Lidija Ivanek

Compositions with square is something I am still exploring.

Wim van Velzen, March 2003 in German magazine NaturFoto said; "The square has some interesting possibilities. First of all, one never has to choose between horizontal or vertical position. Doing landscapes this means the width and space of a scene can be shown without leaving out the foreground. Something 35mm can not always do! And this way the eyes are drawn from the foreground into the landscape."
"To me a good (landscape) photograph, is a photo where my eyes are drawn all over the image and make some sort of route. As a photographer one can use forms, colours or visually striking parts of the subject itself. Nice is of course when all these different image elements come together and support each other." said Wim

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