Tuesday, May 22, 2012

POPPIES IN THE FIELD - Croatian Artist Lidija Ivanek (SiLa)

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"My goal is to create Fine Art Photographs. A Fine Art Photograph, is an image that is both artistically inspired and technically excellent. Just one or the other is not enough. Technique without art is cold and uninviting, while art without good technique prevents the viewer from truly enjoying the work.

For me a work of art is primarily the product of a person, not of a machine. For this reason, a photograph printed straight from the original capture, either film or digital is unsatisfying. Such an image represents the output of my camera rather than the expression of my emotions.

While, as a photographer, I can to some extent choose the type of light, composition, lens, equipment and other technical aspects of the image, I have very little control over the artistic aspects of my work during image capture.

To satisfy my creativity I need to work on my photographs after I complete the image capture. For me, the creative aspect of photography starts after the image has been recorded by the camera. It is then that I am able to infuse the image with the emotional content that I experienced while being at the location where I took the photograph."
This is the beginning of Artist Statement from Alain Briot
and I find it very similar with my own experience, btw. I ordered two books from this artist, because I have read some reviews and some introductory pages and it might be worth having/reading it.

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PS. If you never visited Croatia and want to know more about my country here you can view a rewarded short movie about Croatia:

Ode To Joy

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