Monday, September 16, 2013

"Jodel" Original Fine Art Photography of Colorado Aspen Trees by Colorado Photographer Connie Dines

The elk rub their velvet off on the aspens marking it for life. The scars begin as rough brown patches turning blacker and blacker with age. To me they are not only anthropomorphic characters but also natural abstracts. The possibilities are endless and as you walk through, remember someone is watching... 

  Fine Art Photography of Colorado Aspen Trunks

  Prints on Paper/Sizes Available
 16"x20" $350.00
 24"x30" $475.00
 30"x40" $600.00
 8"x10" $100.00

 Prints on Gallery Wrapped Canvas
 16"x20"  $350.00
 24"x30" $475.00
 30"x40" $600.00
 8"x10" $100.00

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