Friday, December 12, 2014

Botanical Fine Art Photography "Water Plants in Green" by Colorado Photographer Connie Dines

Another one of the fun little water plants off the Islands in Lake Joseph.  The little dragonfly just froze for a second!  

One of the mosaic series that I did this fall for a show.  I mounted about thirty images onto small wooden boxes called "cradle boxes" and then floated a coating over the surface of the image to encase it, protect it and give it a super high gloss and depth.  I love them hung as pairs or in small groups mixed up and in a collage style.  You can see an example of this at the end of this collection where I have photographed some sets to show how fun these are to put together.  They are also available in other sizes and stand on thier own as singles.  They hold up well in damper spots like bathrooms as long as the fan is put on the dry the bathroom out!  No artwork really like it too humid or too dry.  

Photo Print on  6"x8"x3/4" Panel 

$35.00 Each 

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